The History of Lynnderella

Posted by Lynn Chrisman on

Lynnderella Lacquers began as an experiment...

Once upon a time back in 2008, while researching Japanese mascara layering techniques, I was led to some fascinating makeup blogs. In those days, the "blogroll" always led to more investigation. Eventually, I found Nailgal, MakeUp Alley and All Lacquered Up. Nailgal was amazing! Who knew Chanel had made a holographic silver? How did I miss Sally Hansen's Crystal Ball and Fairy Dust Pink? OPI's My Private Jet? How could I have not seen them at the drugstore? I vaguely remembered looking in one of the gold Sally Hansen bottles, but bad lighting completely obscured the intense prisms inside. 

My curiousity and fascination quickly developed into a full-blown obsession. I had always played with mixing nail polishes—the wish for a lavender French manicure was strong. Ebay was plundered in an effort to stock up on all kinds of discontinued and hard-to-find unicorns. Looking back, I understand all of the hoarding and collecting as a way of learning about how nail polish behaves—exploring pigments, finishes, dry times and so forth. 

The MakeUp Alley Nail Board was also a big source of fun and inspiration back in those early days. Clever, witty people showed off their nails, frankenpolishes and kittens. Snow Angel was first shown there and became an instant sensation. Its reception made me believe that it might be possible to develop a line that customers would want. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try to create a collection. Glitter suspension base was not yet available, so I was adding glitter and pigments to lightly shimmered drugstore lacquers. 

Since gallons of lacquer base were not yet for sale, I spent a few years painting heart-shaped lockets and even tried painting paintings. This deepened my undertanding of transparency, pigmentation and shimmer. It was so relaxing and therapeutic. Also great fun to dump the reject lockets into an acetone bath...


My first collection was produced for Holiday 2010 in an edition of about 10 sets. Our Violet Hour, Ruby Red Ruby, Snow Angel, 2010 Golden Opportunities, Merry with Berries, ShapeShifter and Christmas Nightie were some that were included. I really enjoyed producing it even though I had to use a premade shimmer nail polish since nobody was selling glitter suspension base yet. I also questioned if people would want to wear a homemade lacquer—lovely friends reassured me that nail polish is one product that's practically self cleaning.

Finally, TKB Trading released lacquer base! It came in metal cans that were ridiculously hard to open, but it worked! 

To Be Continued.....