About Us

Lynnderella was the first significant independent producer of small-batch, handmade nail polish. The brand is widely known among nail polish super consumers and early adopters for originality, innovation, quality and excellent customer service.

Because they are handmade in small batches, many Lynnderellas have at least 30 different glitters and pigments. Many have more. Since ingredients are added by hand, glitters and pigments are more plentiful than in off-the-rack lacquers. This creates a complexity, depth and unique richness of texture not seen in mass-produced brands—as well as instant nail art for the consumer. 

In addition to original collection concepts, limited and special editions and custom lacquers, we have also raised money for charity initiatives (autism, depression awareness, puppy rescues, Wounded Warriors, etc.) by creating special themed lacquers.

Nearly 70,000 bottles sold since July 2011. 

Lynnderella created first black and white glitter lacquer in 2010. After its July 2011 release, Connect the Dots was first knocked off by independent makers and then by mainstream brands like Sephora and China Glaze—to name a few. Connect the Dots helped launch a huge trend toward graphic, arty, confetti and graffiti nail polishes.

Social media sites (Facebook.com/LoveLynnderella, Twitter.com/LoveLynnderella, Instagram @LoveLynnderella, etc) were initiated by Lynnderella fans. Activities include give-aways, swap weekends and contests. Customers offer techinical support, encourage one another to experiment with nail art and shop.

What can we do for you? Offer handmade, couture-quality lacquers and a consistently creative source of innovative artisanal products.

Most Lynnderellas are available here on our site. Some Limited Editions are sold by auction on eBay. http://stores.ebay.com/lynnderella-lynnderella

Please contact us at lynnderellalacquer@gmail.com.